The Therapy Center The Therapy Center – general services and profile

The Therapy Center will offer specialized ambulatory radiation therapy using proton beams. It will provide radiation therapy as part of a patient-centered radio-oncologic and interdisciplinary oncologic care which includes, among others radiotherapy with proton beams, conventional radiotherapy, hyperthermia, adjuvant chemotherapy, oncologic surgery, etc.

The cancer care will be provided either directly at the Therapy Center or in collaboration with partner clinical hospitals and partner oncologists. Patients can contact the Therapy Center directly to inquire about treatment options. They can also access the Therapy Center by referral from their doctors.

Proton therapy will be applied according to clinical protocols and treatment paradigms that were defined and agreed by medical societies and the Swiss regulatory bodies.

The therapy center comprises a technically advanced Proton Therapy System with three treatment rooms with gantries, one linear accelerator with high energy photon- and electron beams, imaging systems for tumour diagnostics and tumour localization as well as treatment planning and IT-systems for inter-hospital data communication.

The Swiss Ion Therapy Center will have the capacity to treat up to 1'100 patients per year.

The clinical trials office is planned as a dedicated administration for recording, classifying, reporting and documentation of all proton therapies performed at the Therapy Center, comprising its own dedicated IT platform with telemedicine networking capabilities. This is intended to secure the quality of the treatments being embedded in international clinical trials. PTC Lachen though offers perfect conditions and prerequisites for systematic clinical research with prospective trials in - as frequently offered - co-operation with Swiss and international universities.

The technical infrastructure will be designed under the following functional aspects:

  • Communication center providing direct data exchange with the referring hospitals and connection to Oncology Information System (OIS)

  • Special administration for participation in clinical trials with connection to OIS, Radiological department comprising CT and MRI for examinations and therapy follow up

  • Treatment planning

  • One state-of-the-art linear accelerator

  • Proton Therapy System

A Proton Therapy System in general consists of the accelerator (cyclotron), the energy selection system (ess), beam transport system (beamline) and the treatment rooms with gantries.

View of a therapy zone