Education and Traing Programs Education and Training Programs

The Training Center at the PTC Zürichobersee will be an ideal education and training facility for all interested professional societies, universities, hospitals, companies and colleges.

The intended education and training programs shall serve for the demands in the following topics:

  • Medical operation of a proton therapy system
  • Beam application methods
  • Technical, non-clinical operation, Radiation Physics
  • Service and maintenance of proton therapy systems
  • Particle accelerators
  • General Radiation Oncology

The training center addresses its intended education and training programs to:

  • Medical specialists (or doctors-in-training)
  • Physicists (or medical / radiation / accelerator physicists-in-training)
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Students in medicine, physics and medical engineering

Besides professors and teachers from collaborating universities and hospital partners, guest teachers from abroad will be appointed too.

There are stringent reasons to pay attention to training and education for medical and technical staff. Manufacturers are offering comfortable, user friendly service and maintenance programs often including full technical non-clinical operation like IBA's "Platinum Program", this on the other hand leads to remarkable operating costs. For these cost reasons the facilities are challenged to develop own technical operation programs to contribute with in-house efforts to reduce operational costs.

Well educated technical staff will be a basic prerequisite for each facility, because

  • Radiation protection regarding physics and technical operation is always the responsibility of the facility. This includes the quality of treatment, uncompromising assurance of this quality and safety for patients and staff.
  • An effective cost reduction can be achieved if qualified technical personnel can contribute with in-house efforts to the maintenance program - in agreement with the manufacturer.
  • Internal expertise is of high value in this consent, it makes the facility technically sovereign and technical perturbations or even breakdowns can be handled rapidly and efficiently.

It is a special advantage of the education and training center at PTC Zürichobersee that all practical exercises can be performed directly at the proton therapy system or the linear accelerator.